Submission process


We have changed the way you submit an application form. These changes have been made to make things a lot simpler for everyone.

Instead of using lots of paper and cutting out labels we use this online form. It only takes only 5 minutes to complete and thats all you need to do until receiving day

Our new process is as follows:

  • Fill out the online form with your details and details about your artwork.
  • Receiving day :
    • Arrive with your artwork, tell us your name and we will take care of the rest.
    • We will have labels waiting to attach to your artwork.
    • We will assign your artwork with exhibition numbers. You dont need to remember any numbers at all.
  • Collection day :
    • Arrive at the raquet Hall and tell us your name.
    • We will locate your artwork and hand it over to you.

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Artist details

Artwork 1

Artwork 2 - leave blank if only 1 artwork

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